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About us

Who Is PatchStop

PatchStop is a creator of, and gateway for, biker traditions, memories and favorite past-times for old and new bikers.

Based out of Daytona Beach, Florida, home of the World Famous Daytona Beach Bike Week, PatchStop is not just a patch website as you see here. We are a successful, nationwide retailer & manufacturer of embroidered patches, motorcycle event merchandise, biker leather and biker accessories.

Members of the PatchStop team travel year round from coast to coast, setting up state-of-the-art shops and stores during America’s favorite motorcycle rallies, selling and sewing on biker patches. To name just a few, PatchStop can be found at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, Laconia Motorcycle Week in New Hampshire, Myrtle Beach Bike Week in South Carolina, and even the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows held in major cities across the United States from Seattle, Washington to New York, New York & Washington, DC.

In the beginning...

Soon after the start of the new millenium, PatchStop was nothing more than a small 10'x10' tent on a remote street corner during Daytona Beach Bike Week, selling quite a small selection of biker patches.

 Over the years, with the help of our loyal customers, PatchStop has grown to become the PatchStop that is known to most bikers today. With almost a decade of dedicated hard work, PatchStop has become a common source of embroidered patches, not just for bikers, but many others, including ladies, children and especially military veterans. Our customers who come from all around the globe will agree that PatchStop currently has the greatest selection of quality embroidered biker patches.

Biker Patch Traditions…

For almost as long as men have been riding motorcycles, bikers have been expressing themselves and their beliefs and interests through the patches they wear. As prominent as the leather vests and leather jackets that bikers wear are, so are the biker patches that are worn on these leathers.

Different from biker club patches and motorcycle gang patches, also known as “colors”, traditional biker patches are regular, every-day sayings and expressions and pictures that are embroidered into iron-on and sew-on patches to be applied to any kind of material, not just leather, as a representation of who you are. For example, a Vietnam Veteran will have several Vietnam War patches and Jane Fonda patches and different military patches on their leather. A woman biker will have Lady Rider patches, Bitch patches, and ladies patches saying things like, “I Didn’t Fall Off, I Ride My Own” or “Biker Babe”.

Not to be limited to bikers, patches are a great way for anyone to express who they are. Patches can be sewn on, or ironed on to just about any material. Apply them to your backpack, luggage, jeans, or you can even frame them as a collage. 

PatchStop is the ultimate shop for biker patches and patches of all kinds for anyone and everyone to relate to. We are not just your one-stop shop for embroidered motorcycle patches and biker gear, we are a hobby for individuals and bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts. We are the "candy store" for the kid that lives inside each one of us.