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Custom Embroidered Patches

If you have your own design, and are interested in having it made into an embroidered patch, you have come to the right place. PatchStop can make custom embroidered patches for your company logo, motorcycle club, music group, charity event, motorcycle show, etc.


No Set Up Fees!

Unlike most custom embroiderers, we do not charge additional set up fees for custom orders. However, in order to maintain the lowest and competitive prices in the market, we do require that you order 24 pieces or more for each custom patch design.


Pricing for custom patches varies with every order. Size, quantity, embroidery coverage and design detail are all factors which will affect the pricing of your order. Please make sure to provide these details when you request your custom patch quote.

Embroidery Coverage

Different patch designs require different percentages of embroidery coverage to achieve accurate details. More detailed designs require more embroidery, and simple designs, like sayings and basic text patches, require minimal amounts of embroidery. Embroidery coverage is broken down into 3 general categories

    • 50% EMBROIDERY
      • Simple designs, basic text patches & sayings patches
      • At least 50% or more of the twill background material is visible, less than 50% consists of embroidery
      • Lowest cost, however not all designs can contain this little amount of stitching

      • 75% EMBROIDERY
        • Most common embroidery method used
        • 50% or more of the patch contains embroidery, less that 50% of the twill background is visible
        • Low to average cost, most designs can use this amount of embroidery

        • 100% EMBROIDERY
          • Highest quality patch with the greatest amount of embroidery available
          • 100% of the patch is embroidered, there should be very little to no twill background visible
          • Highest cost, provides most detail and accuracy. More intricate designs will require 100% embroidery

Quality & Durability

All PatchStop patches are iron on patches, manufactured with a standard heat activated adhesive backing, to allow for easy iron on application. Additionally, to ensure long lasting benefits, this backing also provides a seal across the backside of each patch, protecting the embroidery and stitching, which increasing the durability and quality of the product. Also, our patches are made with a distinct embroidered border, to make sewing of the patch simple and effortless, for patches that are to be applied to leather apparel.

Our patches are embroidered using state of the art machinery and techniques. This provides the most detailed stitching, color vibrancy and color accuracy within the embroidered patch market. To ensure long lasting enjoyment, PatchStop biker patches are durable, colorfast and machine washable.

Fast & Easy To Order

Once you receive your price quote, and we have received the details of the order, you are only required to pay a 50% down payment to reserve and place the order. Most custom patch orders will be completed within 2-3 weeks from time of ordering. The remaining 50% + shipping costs will be due after the embroidered patches are completed and we are ready to ship them to you.